Developer Guide

Version: 1.28.0


The goal of this document is to enable developers to integrate MetaPack Options (MO) into their website. Developers are assumed to have the following knowledge:

  • JSON

It is advantageous for the developer to have knowledge of:

  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Debugging within a browser environment

Basic overview

A “delivery option” identifies a carrier, its service, charge and collection / delivery dates. On your website, you will want to offer various delivery options, and present them in a way that you find useful. For example, you can present a grid / table of delivery options so that the user can choose their desired delivery date. You could also present them with a list of classes of service (such as “Economy”, “Next day”, “Evening” or “Weekend” etc...).

To determine the possible delivery options effectively, we need the destination, number of parcels, and weights and dimensions. If those are not available (and they rarely are), you should use estimates or rely on the default values. The accuracy of the answers will depend on the accuracy of the information you provide, therefore it is recommended you provide as much information as possible.

After you’ve presented the options on the screen, the user will choose one. You'll need to save the shopper’s selection so as to submit the booking at any point later on.

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